Scalable Home Automation System for everyone


Techy readable version

Home automation systems are designed to improve quality of life and simplify control of house maintenance or similar tasks.
Popularity of HA is increasing rapidly in last years due to low prices of electronic devices such as tablets and smart phones. HA is also popular because it is close to a concept of internet of things which is predicted by experts as a mainstream technology in future.
Usage of such system enables not only to control house directly but also remote access to the information and control devices connected to the system.

Human readable version

HAuSy is highly modular system for everyone who wants make living automated. It depends only on you what and how you want to control and measure almost anything.
It's possible to program whole system in easiest way you can imagine, as simple as IF temp over 25 OR btn-heater pressed THEN heater off .
Of course there is no need to write such a code, everything is friendly selectable
(i.e. for things that can be turned or , there is just simple selection)
Even if there is something more complex than ON or OFF, it will be as simple as possible:

You are the BOSS, so you will decide wheter you connect every to one subsystem and all to other or everything in room to first subsystem and room to second.
List of almost all features can be found below

Key features